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What they say

Manuela Martins

Manuela santos 

Financial Director

SenseCatcher is our go-to software application. It is a versatile tool and we use it in our projects. Visually, we track our client database and keep a record of client needs, demands and characteristics. This is also by far the best tool we have found to plan our company strategy.

Etiene Verdugo



My partners and I use SenseCatcher to plan our strategies. We also use SenseCatcher to map and understand our target markets and keep track of changes as the market evolves. The Version History is indispensable.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Your job is to provide vision and direction.

In a value-based market, high performers need the tool to maintain and surpass expectations. SenseCatcher lets you:

Lead with Vision

Visual cognition allows you to focus on process, ambiguity, and complexity. It is a mindset of possibility - built on the idea of growth.

Inspire Trust

Trust compels teams to do their best, take risks, have each other’s backs - nothing is more important for our survival. People watch what you do.

Create Alignment

Alignment isn't what you say; it's what you do. People commit when they see you make the tough calls and focus on what matters to all.

Identify Purpose

Understanding what you are trying to accomplish can be challenging, but with the right tools and attitude, purpose reveals itself.

Get Commitment

Teams committing to a future together are a powerful creation tactic. 


Clear, transparent communication is the magic ingredient for cohesive teams, sense-making, and business success.

Harness the power of your mind.

Your all-in-one tool to make smart decisions and realize your ambitions and success.

Man Solving Complex Problems with maps

Solve real life problems

You will understand and make sense of complex situations. Problems involving humans tend to behave in unexpected ways. They are unpredictable and have a degree of complexity that sits beyond our limits.

By creating visual sense maps, you can observe the behavioral patterns of the problem. Through the visual sense-making process, you can guide the system to the desired solution.

Add Context to Data

You find that very quickly, you accumulate a ton of data and information. How do you manage that, find it when you need it and make it available to others to use correctly and productively?

Your maps provide a visual structure that links all the different pieces of information together. The data and information become valuable knowledge through the pattern making and story structuring process.


Tangible and accessible problem-solving

People like to frame their challenges in terms of good, bad, and happy-ever-after - it's familiar, intuitive, and comforting. And there's a good reason for that. It's called narrative intelligence. That is how we think and the natural way we make sense of what is around us.

Visual sense mapping makes it very easy to explore solutions and alternatives by telling plausable stories from the plotted map.

It is easy to get to the root of any issue with powerful stories that connect emotionally with those about you. Stories help reduce complexity to manageable simplicity. They are memorable and connect with people at a powerful level.

Boost your skills - smart people use SenseCatcher to achieve great things.

Boost Your Skills.

Join the High Performing movement. Start using SenseCatcher and achieve great things.

More about SenseCatcher

Nesting Dolls


You can create maps within maps—this allows you to look at details without cluttering any particular map. You can also link maps that you have used in other projects (e.g., like the ecosystem of frogs, or the Stock Market report before the elections) and link it to any new map that uses that knowledge to support an argument or inform a decision making process.

Image Library

You can use ours or your own images. You can attach endless documents (including videos and voice messages) to your image and create a rich database. The canvas is organic - where you place the picture, it stays there until you decide to move it to another place. 

Historical document


Your work is saved every five minutes automatically - this means that you can visually look up your history, create offshoots of past maps, or even go back to a previous map as the active map. You can also cut and paste between maps.

tools and Resources


There are standard tools like printing, editing, zooming, colors, lines, rotating, hiding, clusters, layering, etc. The heat map tool for analysis is under refinement. We will turn it on if there is a demand for it. We are open to requests and ideas.


What they say

Priscilla Adriao



I find SenseCatcher a handy Knowledge Management tool because it allows me to map expertise and understand knowledge pathways and connections. We also use it as a research tool - it allows us to explore social relationships in our data. The tool is ideal for both analysis and communication.

Alex Mota


Technical training specialist

We started using SenseCatcher a year ago and are beyond impressed. Our team uses the tool for planning, market research, and competitive analysis. I continue to be impressed with pretty much every aspect! It is amazingly affordable.

All  in one package - refined over the years and used by many in:

  • Business planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Root cause analysis
  • Strategic management
  • Market research
  • HR induction maps
  • Rich pictures maps
  • Data visualization maps
  • Knowledge and Information management
  • Business analysis & planning
  • Project assessment
  • Impact studies
  • Visualizing complex systems
  • Systems thinking
  • Storytelling / story-mapping
  • Asset management


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