What Makes a High-Performer Tick – What do They Want Most?

The single thing that drives high-performers is the notion of - THE BEST RESULTS  -always.

They are not perfectionists, but they are driven to do their best and explore that something unique. They are driven by exploration and learning.
This drive points to a unique mindset - curiosity and creativity.

The High-Performance Mindset

High-performers are naturally innovative, they strive to deliver fresh thinking, and are future-focused. Their attitude to solving problems is an opportunity to explore, learn, and make the world a better place.

They know they do not have all knowledge. They rely on others and their network to deliver the best solution to any situation facing them.

They have a special relationship and attitude to the pastpresent, and future, as described by Chris Groscurth.

High-performers have an inbuilt understanding that they need to be:

Unlocking [their personal] potential to maximize their own performance.

It is all about learning - being life-long-learners. Their focus is not about arriving at a destination; they enjoy the journey. Every day is full of potential for bigger, better things. 

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