Winning at all costs – how useful is that for business?

This post might appear at first to be counterproductive but read on!

We all want to do better, improve, make positive changes and so on.

The mindset that we have slipped into to achieve these goals is one of winning. The question is, how helpful is this attitude in business? After all, the aim is to motivate and inspire employees and leaders to do the best job possible.

In Simon Sinek's book The Infinite Game, he recommends managers need to see management as a 'journey' without a final destination. A company's goal is not to win but to keep playing - an organization that can survive its leaders. It is there for the long-haul.

This simple change in attitude makes a huge difference in how decisions are made and how the company is managed. Words like collaboration, support, trust, and respect start to take on a new meaning and reality.

People are allowed to reach their full potential and guess what? – these people are happy and feel heard and valued. They give more at the same cost - that is a no brainer.

The attitude to growth will also change - it might be slower; a sustainable view takes hold.

Wining implies a temporary situation, with a beginning and a clear end. Our behavior changes when we, for instance, manage a project (which, by definition, has an end), compared to when we manage an ongoing process like a business over many years.