Visual sense-making helps to improve our thinking capacity and solve complex real-world problems. SenseCatcher is a smart tool that triggers the logical networks of our brain into action, the part that can deal with challenging situations. Visual sense-making helps us to see both the forest and the trees. Visual mapping is vital for visual sense-making.

The video explains what visual sense-making is and how to use visual sense-making to improve our thinking capacity- and solve complex problems.

In a nutshell, Visual Sense-Making is the ability to understand the information we are faced with and how we process that information.
We do this by synthesizing that data into a story (using visual metaphors, patterns, and abductive reasoning), and then, we make judgment calls based on what we understand.

In this video, I refer to various terms like fast/slow thinking, complex adaptive systems, visual thinking, visual metaphors, problem space. I recommend you check these terms out if you are not familiar with them.

Keep a lookout for two new videos:

  • Visual Metaphors
  • How to create a basic visual sense-map

As soon as the videos are published, I will provide the links.

Thanks for watching, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

P.S. - There are three different spelling variations:
sensemaking, and
sense making
I use sense-making in this video, but I also use the other variations in other articles. You will find the term being used in different ways by different authors. I am not going to split hairs!