High-Performance Productivity Course:

How to use Storytelling to Solve Problems Successfully.

Boost your productivity - learn the science of storytelling

You will learn to use stories and map them to understand and solve problems and then communicate and sell the solution to stakeholders.

Problem-solving skills are in high demand and are considered the core skill for success in our tough world. The problem is that we are not particularly good at solving challenging problems. Industry leaders, including the World Economic Forum, agree and report on the shortage of people with good problem-solving skills.

Every leader needs to create connections, inspire, communicate ideas, and create a compelling vision of a future solution. Exceptional leaders use stories to create meaning and galvanize engagement with teams and customers.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to create meaning, solve problems, gain buy-in, and obtain support from key stakeholders.

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Here’s what people are saying about the course:

The High-Performance 'storytelling to solve problems successfully' course was first offered in 2007 - delivered over an intense 7-day period. The delivery model has changed. We have decided to redesign the course to be self-paced, include new material, and for online delivery due to current events and demand.

Dan Sutherland


Wow - loved the course!

I did the High-Performance storytelling to solve problems successfully course in 2017 in Hong Kong. Rui was the instructor; what an experience. I was trying to get a promotion for years, and two months later, I got promoted to CFO. It changed the way I think. I have become a more inclusive leader. I highly recommend the course.

Tracy Engelmann


I now enjoy problem-solving - it has helped me with my thinking process.

When I did the course, I was starting a new venture. The course helped me understand the tightly linked relationships in the market. I was able to develop a structured, coherent argument to investors with impact and confidence.

Debora Borges


It has changed the way I think and work.

I work in Strategy, facilitating complex problems, understanding the real challenges, and increasing revenue growth proved difficult. After I did the high-performance course on problem-solving and using Rui's methods, my work is easier, and I can make recommendations confidently. I have become one of the go-to consultants.

what you get

Desktop pages Course

Here's what you'll learn

Of all the skills needed to succeed in work and life, solving complex problems is the most important.

  • You will learn how to develop a structured framework and get a toolkit for superior results.
  • You will learn how to provide impactful, advanced, and sustainable solutions to complex problems in business, NGOs, and government.
  • You will learn to communicate your ideas using the power of stories.

Who is it for

Consultants, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to be innovative, deliver fresh thinking and is future-focused. 

If you want to improve your ability to convey key messages, create deeper engagement, and inspire others - this course is for you.


The course will have anything between 5-7 Modules. Each module will have several lessons.

The course is self-paced, and you will have access to the course material for 6 months.

This is our plan for the moment.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the course, you get issued a certificate of completion.

Management and Leadership

Develop the discipline and confidence to tackle difficult problems outside your expertise

Understand how to overcome the cognitive biases and pitfalls of problem-solving

Develop a persuasive report and leadership style to deal with teams

How to solve problems with Abductive Reasoning and SenseMaking

Visualize your thinking and learn to interrogate the dynamics of complex adaptive systems

You will learn how to structure and define problems

You will learn to visually map the sensemaking process and use storytelling to structure information and data

Storytelling for Business

You will learn how to develop a clear picture of your audience and what motivates them

Learn to develop a powerful storyline to align your audience with your ideas

Develop an understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement as a persuasive communicator

The ability to leverage the environment to reinforce your message

About the Instructor

Rui is the founding member of SenseCatcher. He joined forces with three other partners to expand the skill base for SenseCatcher - dedicated to helping individuals and business people do better and drive results for success.

Rui has 20 years' experience in teaching, training, and developing customized programs for businesses and government in many parts of the world. He was the co-director and program director for the Kellogs Leadership Centre at Natal University. He has been an academic in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. He runs regular workshops and courses in places like Morocco, South Africa, Bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, Portugal, and New Zealand.

Apart from training in management, innovation, and strategy, Rui has worked, consulted, and managed large building projects with multi-disciplinary teams. He does regular pro-bono mentoring in Mozambique to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs develop future skills - creating more capable and effective leaders and responsible citizens.

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